About Butch Evans

I have been in the ISP industry since January 1994.  At that time, I partnered with a computer sales and service company to bring internet service to the SEMO (south east Missouri) area.  At the time, I was, also, managing portions of about 25-30 school district networks.  There were several businesses whose networks I managed as well.  This diverse background gives me good insight into various network designs and needs.

In 2004, partnered with WISP-Training, I developed a training curriculum for Mikrotik RouterOS, which was (at the time) the ONLY available training available for RouterOS.  We have been training students in the use of RouterOS since that time, and have worked hard to develop what is widely considered the best curriculum available today for RouterOS.  We currently have 2 training tracks available for RouterOS, which you can read more about on my consulting website.

In 2006, I left my 3rd ISP behind me and went full time into the consulting business.  I have been assisting WISPs and other network operators build and manage their networks since that time.  My customer base includes several small telephone companies, cable operators and WISP/ISP businesses.

In 2008, I was approached by ImageStream to help them develop their training program beyond it’s current capacity.  I began using ImageStream routers in 2003 and was truly impressed with their quality at that time.  They have dramatically improved since that time and have produced a really high quality line of routers.  Their support is absolutely the best in the business.  The first ICNO (ImageStream Certified Network Operator) course took place in Denver, CO and went very well.  We will be producing training classes with ImageStream 2-4 times per year.  Again, more information on these classes is available on my website.

I can be reached at 702-537-0979 or by email to butche@butchevans.com if you have network needs you wish to discuss.