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I would LOVE to hear from those of you who read this blog. Please leave comments for this article expressing your desires for what you’d like to see me include as a tutorial. I can make you no promises that I will be able to write up every idea, but I will try to incorporate some of them.
Also, I’d like to hear from you if you’ve found these tutorials useful. It is often difficult to determine from the traffic logs how useful these tutorials are. If you’ve found my writings useful, let me know. If you think I should spend my time elsewhere, I’d like to hear that opinion as well. (Well, I really DON’T want to hear it, but you are welcome to tell me if that is your opinion. 🙂 ).

I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block. Is that what you would call it? I’m not exactly writing a novel here, so I’m not sure if it applies. My parents have had me a bit busier than usual. In their age they now need a bit more help than before. I called a business called Home Care Assistance Houston that is located at Home Care Assistance 9050 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 857-4756, and they assigned a professional to them right away. Now I don’t have to deal with those things myself, and frankly the professional is doing things better than I ever did. In any case, without this worry on my mind I’m finding it difficult to get back on track. Who better than you guys to help out, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. blackmk Says:

    I found very interesting all the posts in this blog, and i think its pretty useful in many ways. I finally understand how a vlan works! hehe..i had an idea but not the whole thing.! So, you are asking for suggests? how about…hmm… cheez!! its not easy hehe.. so many subjects! perhaps VirutalAP and Vlans?

  2. Butch Evans Says:

    There is an article on vlan configurations already:

  3. blackmk Says:

    Thanks!, thats the post i meant when i told you i finally understand vlans, what i would like to know its the use of VAP’s and maybe some examples for using with vlans, hotspots, security-profiles. Thanks again, and keep up the good work Mr. Evans. (Sorry about my english! 😛 its a little dusty!)

  4. ebkayes Says:

    Butch, I would like to see a tutorial, on setting up boot images four basic high end router function.
    One radio one as an assess point
    Two radios one as backhaul, one as an access point.
    Three radios 2 Bach hauls , 1 access point
    Four radios 2 back hauls nv2 , 2 acess points, 1 24mzh, 1 900 Mghz
    Ospf pre defined, management network pools, ip setting dhcp severs and relays in the image ip address space set up. Plus , the basic queues defined by type. User profiles need to be defined.

  5. Butch Evans Says:

    These look like very good ideas. I will work on these as I get time. THANKS for the feedback!

  6. RouterOS Says:

    Let us know step by step configure about sub netting, when any why use subnet? A complete example . Please.

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